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AMHL - Summer 2010 Season

Posted Tue Feb 09, 2010 - 07:00 PM

AMHL is proud to bring you a summer hockey league for the 2010 season which is also our first season. We extend this courteous invitation to all Canadians from the GTA of all playing levels who share the passion of Canada's game which is hockey. This league WILL NOT be limited to just a summer league but wish to expand into a year round league.

Dates are still to be announced I am hoping for late April up to first week of September not sure if that is including playoffs or not. At the moment I just want a head count to see the number of players/teams consisting up to 20 players including 2 goalies (18 bench players, 2 goaltenders), minimum 10 skaters dressed who would be committed to contend in the open division or the Pro-AM "Tournament".

It is to early to say how many games are to be played or even the cost as i do not have the numbers to crunch, so i would require number of teams participating this season. I do plan hopefully a minimum of 10 games excluding playoffs.

Quickly going to answer some questions that could be boggling in your mind.

What is the difference between open division or the Pro-AM "Tournament"?

Well essentially it would be ludicrous to have higher skilled players facing players that are sub par in skill level, so the creation of Pro-AM tournament is to hold several games perhaps we'll squeeze this as a pre-season(cost incl. season TBA). From that point we can sort out teams into TWO divisions "Open" and "Main", once again this is depending on the number of teams that we could see competing. The open division will be simply be put as open to the majority of skill levels, where as main will be locked to at least 4 of highest seeded team from the Pro-AM tournament. We could go about this method or we can eliminate the extra cost by removing the Pro-AM tournament, instead we could have the teams decide which division they want or abolish all divisions and just have one [lease let me know your thoughts.

Will there be referees and time keepers?

Yes 100% that the league will have referees and time keepers, and hopefully stat tracking: goals, points, and assists just to name a few.

The arena is still to be announced when i get a general consensus of where the participants are located to arrange an arena that is convenient for everyone. This is all i have got at the moment if there are any questions please feel free to contact me personally at

Best regards,

Andy Lay

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